Christiansen Capital private money lending services match low loan-to-value (LTV) in borrowers’ homes with private investor funds - from individuals, corporations, pension plans or IRAs.  Participating investors earn 8.99% - 13% per annum, compared to a 1-3% return from a conventional bank.  By eliminating the bank and lending directly to the borrower, private money investments produce a higher return!


The Christiansen Capital Difference

  • We only lend on non-owner occupied and commercial real estate in Southern California, keeping all properties close
  • We personally inspect every property
  • Title insurance is ordered with every transaction
  • We cap our loans at 65% of “conservative” loan to value
  • We never put your money at risk by lending based on after repair value (ARV); we only lend on true, current market value (borrower must bring in at least 35% on acquisitions)
  • If the borrower does get behind, we provide the leading foreclosure service to step in and conduct and complete the foreclosure process to make it hassle free for the investor(s).
  • Investors receive all documentation pertinent to file (1003, credit, appraisal, comps, preliminary report, escrow instructions, DL photo, lease agreements, income documents, etc.)
  • Investors have the ability to service their own loan, or we can provide a 3rd party to service the loan for $15 a month (we recommend FCI Lender Services,


If you are looking for a higher return on your money and are interested in learning more about private money loan investments, contact us today either by email at or call us toll free at 1.800.760.8680!