Our reputation has been built on the professional quality of the services we offer.  Whether closing hard money loans to borrowers, connecting investors with private lending opportunities or managing leased properties, our clients appreciate our dedication to providing them with solutions to fit their needs in a prompt manner.



 As it is very hard to input all of our testimonials on this page we have started partnering with Trust Pilot, which is a "Verifiable review source" to have our past clients/brokers/borrowers/& investors publically review our company.



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I would like to personally say Thank You to Jason at Christiansen Capital for his extreme Profesionalism and super fast funding! Christiansen Capital was successful in closing our clients approved N/O/O short sale listing that was up for Auction within the following 10 days. Jason and his team were able to issue us a LOI within 24-72 hours of submitting our emergency project summarry and close within the 5-7 days as disclosed upfront in the beginning process. Our discreet client, a High Level Fortune 500 Executive Commercial RE Broker /Agent almost lost there negotiated performing short sale investment to Wells Fargo at auction if Jason hadnt stepped in to save the day. In closing I will continue to endorse and package all out of the box deals and allow Christiansen Capital first right of refusal to close our deals!


James Lechuga @ Directors Financial- Broker


"Christiansen Capital is the FASTEST Hard Money Lender around! Once you send over your scenario, they have a quick turnaround and provide you with an approval on THE SPOT. In my experience, if you give them all the required "basic" documents, you get your loan docs the SAME DAY and it's funded by the next! It's as easy as 1-2-3."

Jes @ GS Financial - Broker


“I have nothing but good things to say about Christiansen Capital! The FASTED loan I’ve closed in years!  From start to finish Jason executed a smooth transaction which closed in 6 days and actually could have closed sooner if not for a small hiccup (on the borrowers end).  Hats off to my new go to guy.  Thanks Jason!”

C. Dandridge - Broker


"It has been a refreshing pleasure for my husband and I to do business with Christiansen Capital. We were suprisingly able to get a loan processed within a couple days and close shortly after. That really helped us in the position we were in plus got us away from our other lender who was a nightmare to work with! Christiansen Capital was ALWAYS right there at all times to answer any and all questions we had along in the process. My husband and I highly recommend Christiansen Capital to anyone looking to get a private money loan and looking for an honest and trust worthy company. Above all they didn't just treat us like a "file" or a "client" they treated us like human beings and friends. We will be doing business with them again in the future!

Cherlye & Mike K. - Borrower(s)


"Christiansen Capital was extremely professional from start to finish.  No delays, no hiccups, & no lack of knowledge!  I really appreciated everyone on the team and their honesty, sincerity and expertise.  I will definitely recommend them to my friends."

Kish H. - Borrower


 "I was very impressed with the fast service that I received from Christiansen Capital.  My loan funded in only 4 days!  I would definitely recommend them and use them again!"

Krista H. - Borrower


As a newbie to this type of investing I was slightly apprehensive about the logistics on the whole process, so walking me thru the basics was very reassuring.  I also appreciate the referral to the company that services both my loans as that eliminates all the hassles involved. I've had feelers out to several brokers for months now, but none of them were sending me many proposals to choose from.  I was pleasantly surprised when you immediately started contacting me with deals to consider.  I love that the entire process was so fast too.  Heck, looking back I think both my deals went together in less than 2 weeks! Thanks again Jason.  I'll be calling you as soon as I'm ready for another!

Mike M. - Trust Deed Investor


We approached Christiansen Capital nearly a month ago.  We were having major trouble finding a source to fund our client.  We had previously spent nearly 5 months entertaining several different sources, all with the same ending of not being able to fund.  Needless to say we were at a critical point where our file needed to close or our client would lose $27,500! Jason took our file and were very quick, thorough and most of all honest.  They communicate accordingly, never leaving you guessing as to what is going on.  They got it done in less than 3 weeks! Christiansen Capital's service has been incomparable; they are excellent at what they do! 

R. Ramos - Broker


I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your amazing service! Even when I insisted on shopping around Jason still helped and told me what to watch out for due to all the scams out there. Even our local guys fell through on helping out. But you still did it for us! You even answered the phone, outside the country, while shaving...Now that’s service! This house was a life changing deal for us...I could not let it go.....You worked on it like it was your home and closed in one week! I've been in business all my life, have customers all over the country and world, vendors through out...Never had anyone care as much as you did, Jason. Then to top it off you sent me a bottle of Dom. I owe you one, that’s for sure! Thank you so much!

Daniel F. - Borrower


I had looked around for a couple months for a loan but no one was able to help me until I called Christiansen Capital. They were able to give me a “YES” and a letter of intent with all the terms and rate in less than 24 hours! The loan closed without any problems. I am very happy with how everything turned out in fact now I send all my hard money loans to Christiansen Capital. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hard money loan! Thank You!

Sandra A. - Borrower


I have recommended Jason at Christiansen Capital to everyone at my office. Not only did they work diligently to make our loans close, but also taught us about the hard money process so now we have a new stream of income coming in! Thank you Jason! You are a pleasure to work with!

Janet P. - Broker


I want to thank you for your help in securing financing for my property. Your tenacity and kindness was very much appreciated. I did not know what to expect when I called you blindly for help. I needed someone who would follow through on their word and help me succeed in getting the money I needed and making this deal happen. You went over and above, and I couldn’t ask for more! I hope we can work together again on future projects!

Yvette S. - Borrower